This play is about an expat living in Singapore named, Nakul Chandrakant Dalvi who hasn't visited his hometown in Pune (India) in the last two years since COVID-19 hit air travel. In ‘Unmasked’, Nakul explores the idea of 'home' and asks himself difficult questions about his own identity in the backdrop of living on this little red dot. Should he go back home to see his parents, risking his employment status, putting at stake his career and his child's education? Is he Singaporean enough, and most importantly - is he Indian enough? Come and join Nakul on this journey of self-identity, expat life and finding a home for himself. A play in English, devised and directed by Sharul Channa.

Sharul Channa

Unmasked - the play

Black Box
Wed, 20 - Sat, 23 Oct | 8pm
Sat, 23 & Sun, 24 Oct | 3pm