Fueled by a burning curiosity, Chowk Productions’ Pallavi Series (2016–2018) explored the possibilities of deconstructing classical dance to develop a contemporary language of movement, beginning with the basic stances of Odissi — the ‘chowk’ and ‘tribangh’ positions (Pallavi and SpacePallavi in Time) and later accentuating the dimensions of the dancer’s torso and their gaze (Pallavi with Stillness).

Chowk Productions now presents the widely acclaimed Pallavi through Abstraction, the culmination of the Pallavi Series that seeks further abstraction towards its own unique idiom of dance, shedding new light on Raka Maitra’s original choreography. A mesmerising synthesis of softness and strength, Pallavi through Abstraction celebrates pure dance and form, seamlessly woven with live music by NADA (Safuan Johari and Rizman Putra).

Choreographer: Raka Maitra
Dancers: Raka Maitra, Sandhya Suresh, Caroline Chin, Anushka Ghosh
Musicians: NADA (Safuan Johari and Rizman Putra)
Lighting Designer: Daryl Norman Soh



Approximately 60 minutes

Chowk Productions

Pallavi Through Abstraction

Black Box
Fri, 26 & Sat, 27 Feb 2021